3 Ways to Be More Positive

What does it mean to live a more positive life? How did I do it and continue to do it and how can you do it too?

1. Inhale Positivity

First, I started to inhale any positive thought I could through reading, podcasts, movies, music, people, etc. I listened to people like Oprah and watched her Super Soul Sundays, I listened to Lifestyle Entrepreneurs and those I wanted to be like such as

Lewis Howes and Marie Forelo, I started playing Bossa Nova music while I created, I started taking dance classes for myself, I started going on vacations with my husband, etc. Any moment I had was spent doing something that made me feel good, think positive and be around great things – so no Real Housewives of Atlanta or Dance Moms, but lots of Seinfeld and Friends.

2. Being thankful.

The next thing I did to create a positive attitude was spent every day morning or night, writing down at least one thing I was grateful for that day. Anything. It could be I’m grateful I got to spend time having dinner with my family or that I have warm water when I shower.

So we’re inhaling positivity, we’re expressing gratitude, but there’s still one more thing that makes a difference in our attitude.

3. Choose Positive Change

And that’s a choice. I like to say that we want to Choose Positive Change.

When you’re pissed off about something at work, choose to take a moment in your car to breathe, listen to music you like or talk to a friend, inhale positivity, think of something great you’re coming home to and then choose to stick with that feeling.

When I started doing this, I went every single place with a smile and people would ask me, how do you stay so positive and happy all the time? Now you know!

I want you to Choose Positive Change right now and take a moment and write down one thing that you’re grateful for today in the comments below.

Even better, also tell me one way you inhaled positivity today and a moment where you chose positive change when something didn’t go your way.