Goals Vs. Action

You’ve heard over and over again that you should have goals in life – for work, for fitness, for life. Sometimes we want so many things it can seem overwhelming – a flatter stomach, more confidence, a great boyfriend or girlfriend, a better job, etc.

But are goals enough?

I recommend having a clear and focused goal to get you started, but also one that’s long lasting. But what matters even more is the ACTION you take to get there every single day.

For example, let’s say your goal is to lose 20 pounds and you only exercise once a week, the likelihood of getting there is small. First off, losing 20 lbs is a goal with a set end date. Which means that after you reach this goal, you may feel accomplished for a while, but eventually you may fall back into your old ways and think well, “that’s over now.”

So how do you change this goal to make it long lasting? How about, “My goal is to lead a healthy life by exercising and eating better.” This holds you accountable to making this goal a part of your life forever. It’s the specific ACTION steps you take that will make the goal for yourself a reality and one that creates a habit you’re happy and fulfilled with.

If we break this goal down into action steps, it might look something like this:

First 2 weeks: Walk 3xs a week for 30 minutes

Third Week: Add eating at least 1 vegetable a day

Fourth Week: Add resistance training 2xs a week

Fifth Week: Add joining a dance class once a week

Sixth Week: Add having more water during the day

What you may notice is that I’m taking a little step almost every day, every week, towards my goal and then once that’s under control for a week or so I then ADD the next thing. Eventually I will be at the point where I am eating healthier and exercising in some way every day.

So when we’re thinking about our goals:

1. Write down a goal.

2. Change your goal to make it a long lasting, important life forming habit

3. Write down one thing that you can do every day or every other day for a week

4. Make a list of 10 actions (10 weeks)

5. Perform those actions

6. Notice progress over the next few months and be proud of your accomplishments.

Comment below with one of your life long lasting goals and an action you will take this week to work towards it.