Great Posture = Confidence

I’ve been teaching in the dance and fitness world for over 12 years and the #1 thing I focus on most with all of my dance or fitness students is posture.
When you have great posture, it does the following things:

1. You look 10 lbs. lighter

2. You look confident

3. Alleviates back pain

4. Draws attention to you

5. Allows you to breathe easier


So how do you get great posture? There are 5 steps that I recommend:

1. Visualize and Align – It’s important to line up all the joints. When standing with the feet hip width apart, your ankles need to line up with your knees, which line up with your hips, which line up with your shoulders and your ears. If you drew a line from the ankle to the ears, it should equate to one line. Now if your body can’t seem to line up just quite yet, keep visualizing and doing the best you can then proceed to #2.

2. Core Conditioning – Your core or your trunk, consists of your glutes, abdominals, back and shoulders. It needs to be strong in order to support the weight of your body, keep the spine in line and allow you to do every day activities. Planks are a great way to start working on stabilizing the core so that you can maintain a good posture.

3. Stretch – A lot of times our body is so tight that it can’t get into the necessary positions. So it’s important to stretch the areas that can get very tight from sitting and being on the computer. These would include stretches for the chest, glutes, hips, and hamstrings. These areas tend to get very tight and spending at least 30 seconds on each stretch every day will help loosen the body and allow it to have a greater range of motion.

4. Massage – Sometimes when our muscles get overworked and stretching isn’t enough, massage is a great way to go a little deeper in getting muscles to release. Hiring a massage therapist once a month is great, but if you can’t do that, I highly suggest getting a tennis ball or foam roller. Use the tennis ball against the wall on areas that are tight. I like to roll the ball on the glutes and on the upper back – two areas that can get very tight. I would spend about 10 minutes a couple times a week doing this to alleviate the built up tension.

5. Chiropractic Care – Another great way to make sure your posture is in proper form is by working with a chiropractor. You want to find one that listens to your needs and really gives you the proper attention you deserve. Getting your spine back in place will make all the rest of what you do easier.


Feeling better and getting stronger are great reasons to work on your core, but even more important is the confidence and openness it allows you to show off to other people.

Comment below with any posture questions you have and your progress with any of the techniques listed above!