How to Look Good at the Club

One of the questions I get a lot is, how do I freestyle? Or when I ask some of my friends to go out dancing at the club with me they say – That’s not my thing or Well, if I have a few drinks in me then maybe I’ll dance or I don’t dance.

There’s definitely a lack of confidence in the ability to move to music for what we feel is all the world to see at the club, but here’s the thing, it’s actually easier than you realize.

Step 1: Find the beat.

– The beat is generally the bass or the loud drumming sound you hear in music. Check out David Guetta’s song Titanium for a really clear beat on the chorus. The way you want to bounce or move your head when you hear a song is the beat.

So what you’re going to do is step on your right foot then step together with your left foot and alternate sides. This is call step touch. When it doubt, this is the easiest way to keep the beat. When you are on beat you already look like you know what you’re doing.

Step 2: Smile.

– When you smile you look happy, inviting, fun. So just by showing off your pearly whites, you’re already getting people to notice you in a positive and engaging way.

Step 3: Wear what makes you feel sexy.

– For some women that might be a dress and heels, for others it’s a hat and sneakers. For men it might be a full suit while for others it’s a polo shirt and jeans. Show up in your best and you’ll already feel ready to take on the dance floor.

I’m constantly asked how to freestyle and feel comfortable dancing at the club and I want to help as much as possible. Submit your questions in the comments below. I look forward to helping you find your confidence on the dance floor!