What makes you great?

Sometimes we spend so much time worrying about what we’re not doing or how we can be better or what else we can learn. But how often do you stop and really think about what you’re great at?

ALL of us are GREAT at something. When I’ve asked, I’ve noticed a lot of people having trouble finding what their thing is. So, I thought I’d share with you how I found mine.

How to Find What You or Your Company are #1 and The Best At:

1. Ask your closest family members or friends how they would describe you in 3 words and what are the 3 things they think you’re great at.

2. Ask some of your best clients why they work with you and what they love most about what you do.

3. Write down the things you’re passionate about and figure out what your underlying theme is in all that you do.

4. Think of the 10 words that best describe you.

5. Formulate simple, clear, easy ways to express your #1.


In case you were wondering, my company eMotion is #1 in Creating Confidence Through Teamwork. I hope this helps and please comment below what you’re #1 at!