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Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things – Episode 1: You are More Than Just a Single Mom


Today I’m launching a new project of mine – a podcast called Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things.

My goal is to bring you each week an average, every day middle class person who has found something special inside of them to do something great with their lives or for those around them. I hope you’ll find yourself saying, “Wow, that person’s just like me!” and then saying, “If they can do that, I know I can too.”

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What the Lego Movie Can Teach Us About Life

This past weekend, my husband and I spent an evening watching what everyone told us was a great film – The Lego Movie. I have to say, I was a little skeptical and confused when my husband suggested this as a date night flick. Still, I left with a smile on my face and wanting to share the great lessons it gives kids and adults in this truly wonderful movie.

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How to Deal with Criticism

After doing my own form of mediation, dancing, a woman I was taking the class with starting talking to me about jobs and work.  I started to tell her what I do and the types of things I was working on towards what I’d like to accomplish.

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Why TEAM is THE MOST Important Thing

TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More. You’ve probably heard that saying many times before, but why is the concept of TEAM so important? I opened my business, eMotion, in 2012 simply on the idea that I thought people should be treated better. Below is my story of how this all came about.

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The Power of Validation

One third of the day, for most people whom work 9-5 or 8 hours a day, is spent at work. If you figure another 1/3 is sleeping that leaves you 8 more hours to do other things.

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What makes you great?

Sometimes we spend so much time worrying about what we’re not doing or how we can be better or what else we can learn. But how often do you stop and really think about what you’re great at?

ALL of us are GREAT at something. When I’ve asked, I’ve noticed a lot of people having trouble finding what their thing is. So, I thought I’d share with you how I found mine.

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Goals Vs. Action

You’ve heard over and over again that you should have goals in life – for work, for fitness, for life. Sometimes we want so many things it can seem overwhelming – a flatter stomach, more confidence, a great boyfriend or girlfriend, a better job, etc.

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Great Posture = Confidence

I’ve been teaching in the dance and fitness world for over 12 years and the #1 thing I focus on most with all of my dance or fitness students is posture.

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Say NO More Often

Focus is the ability to do ONE thing at ONE moment.How do we do that? For example, instead of trying to write a blog post, listen to your kids talk about their day, and eating, do just one of those things.

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